Home renovation projects that you really can DIY...

DIY you can do with Wooden Shutters

Renovating the home can seem like a daunting challenge to many but there are some jobs that really are quite easy if you put your mind to it. Doing it yourself can not only save you money but also give you a huge sense of achievement knowing that you have created something beautiful in your home and in many cases, added value along the way.

Here are a few home improvements that we feel are easy enough to tackle yourself and our suggestions of projects that would be better suited to the professionals.

  • Fitting Shutters: This might sound way out of your comfort zone but fitting Wooden Plantation Shutters is actually as straightforward as putting up a shelf. They have become a popular and highly ought after alternative to curtains or blinds as a fashionable and functional interior choice to dress a window. Most come with a detailed measuring and fitting guide for easy installation and offer many different wood finishes, colours and styles so can be customised to suit your existing décor.

  • Insulting the loft – Grab a mate and a calculator and you can easily work out how much insulation you will require to kit out your loft. The mate might be helpful as insulation rolls can be pretty big, but fitting insulation isn’t too time-consuming and will help keep your heating bills down during the winter months.

  • Laying flooring – Make sure the floor space you wish to transform is flat and dry and remove all remnants of the old flooring before you start. Perhaps opt for laminate flooring tiles or wood replica floorboards that slot together and start with a smaller room, such as the downstairs loo or bathroom, for practice. Follow the installation guide and you’ll have a finished result that Nick Knowles would be proud of. 

Home improvement jobs to avoid: 

  • Building works
  • Electrical works
  • Re-plumbing the bathroom. 

These would be better suited to a professional as rectifying your DIY disasters could be very costly.