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Affordable Shutters

Wooden Plantation Shutters are the ideal way to transform any home. Customers from all over England have installed our affordable shutters and by fitting them yourself, you save money!

Our Classic Shutters are an engineered product made using an MDF outer and a polymer coating. This is a wood product created by breaking down timber into a powder, which is mixed with wax and resin and then formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is a building material similar in application to plywood but made up of separated fibres, not wood veneers. The panels of the shutter are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping.

Affordable Shutters

How to buy Affordable Shutters

Buying our Wooden Shutters is all done online through our secure shop. You start by entering the height and width of your window frame. Next, you select options such as Shutter colour, hinge colour, Louvre size, and Tilt rod type.

You can then enter the name of the room the shutter is to be fitted in for reference. At the checkout, you will be shown the total price for your shutter. You can then start the order process again for any other window shutters you require. Click here to start building your perfect Shutter.