Say goodbye to prying eyes....

Secure your home with wooden shutters

Security of a property is a key factor for most homeowners especially if living in a high crime area or a remote location where neighbours are sparse, which could make it a target for burglars. There are security measures you could opt for such as CCTV or electric gates but these can also make a house look more like a prison than a home. Wooden shutters therefore are a more attractive option to consider as they offer a robust solution providing extra protection for the family and possessions against prying eyes and intruders.

As well as adding curb appeal to a home, Wooden Shutters do act as a deterrent for potential intruders as they create an extra barrier to get through if they were to bust the window, which can put many burglars off even attempting a break in. If however an intruder did still try to get into the property, wooden shutters are constructed from strong, durable materials such as hardwood and aluminum making them robust and difficult to break through. So, although not as secure as iron bars on the windows or padlocks they do add an extra level of security and are much more aesthetically pleasing, often adding selling value to a home.

In addition to the added security benefits, wooden shutters also provide privacy from passers by, as they can be louvered to an angle to obscure the view of the room on the other side. This makes them perfect for downstairs windows and conservatory doors to add privacy without compromising on the light source or ventilation that enters the room.