Light front room with wooden shutters

As the seasons shift, as does the way we live within our homes. The dark nights of winter are behind us as is the need to snuggle up under the blankets and shelter away from the outside elements. Instead, now that spring is upon us and summer is on its way, we want to welcome the extra hours of light into our living space and connect with the outside world. Redecorating every time the seasons change isn’t practical however there are some clever tricks that you can adopt to help you maximise the light and space around you for a real bright, summery vibe.


  • - Open up your windows
    And by this we don’t mean literally – although wide-open windows will naturally let the light flood in as well as create a lovely summer breeze. No, we mean take down the heavy winter curtains, which during the summer months will make the room feel claustrophobic, stuffy and block out the light. Replace them with a pair of café-style DIY wooden shutters in bright white as this will help to reflect the light. The added bonus of café-style wooden shutters is that the top and bottom layers can be opened or adjusted independently allowing you to control the light source. Opt for a slimmer louvre and this will create the illusion of height, resulting in a more spacious finish.


  • - De-clutter
    Think minimal and bright. If you’ve got wooden flooring, take up the rugs as a plain floor opens up the room making it feel more airy. If you’ve got heavily patterned walls, try adding some mirrors to cover up some of the pattern as well as creating a way for the light to bounce around the room. Large white or faded fabric throws can transform a heavy, dark sofa as can delicate floral patterned cushions. Replace candles with flowers and driftwood to help make your inside space an extension of your outdoor space.


  • - Elongate your walls
    High ceilings instantly make a room feel larger and more open however pushing your ceiling upwards is obviously not possible! The way in which you paint your walls though is! Try painting your ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the rest of the room or opt for a subtle pinstripe wallpaper to create the illusion of length and height.