Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wooden Plantation Shutters and blinds can sometimes be mistaken for each other as the same thing, but they are actually very different products despite having similar functions. Both designs have slats or louvres so the light and air can be controlled into the room and they are easy to maintain and clean. 

Blinds come in a variety of shapes and styles, with horizontal and vertical slats being the distinctive feature, and occasionally with a fabric overlaying. There are many different materials associated with blinds, and their pricing tends to have an open range. Some blinds are made with materials like bamboo, which can take the look of wood (as do faux wood blinds). 

While shutters are often the most expensive option there custom design are tailored to your individual window needs that can actually add significant value to your home!  In addition their durability and privacy, shutters come in a range of styles that make them a much more desirable option no matter if your home is a contemporary bungalow, or even an ultra modern high rise apartment or flat.  The slats of shutters can also be adjusted to let in a desired among of light or none at all.  Shutters are adept at blocking light and providing ultimate privacy as well as a timeless style.

Wooden Shutters Direct can offer a range of styles and designs to turn your home around. Our range of Classic, Grovewood and Vienna ranges are suitable for all property types. We off free SAMPLES on all our ranges and colours. Get FREE SAMPLES here - or if you are looking for a quick quote click here