Increase the value of your home with wooden shutters

The answer is quite simply YES, as people aspire to live in a home with shutters. Back in the day, shutters were often an element more in keeping with a Spanish holiday home or an ancestral manor house. Fast forward to the current era and they are fast becoming a sought after and affordable window treatment, favoured over the more traditional choices of drapes and blinds. 

There are a number of reasons as to why this is but the key factors are versatility, energy-saving benefits and ease to install. It’s important that prospective buyers see the potential of a property from the moment they walk through the door. Window treatments can play a vital role in appealing to a buyer as they allow light to filter into the space making rooms appear larger.

Wooden shutters can benefit the environment as they help to reduce energy loss . Due to the material used in the manufacturing process the shutters add a valid source of insulation so cranking the heating up to full blast during the winter months won’t be necessary and during the summer they act as their own cooling system and light source. Just tilt the panels to the desired angle to adjust the airflow and sunlight that gets into the room. They are also simple to install yourself meaning you can become that DIY expert you always wanted to be with the help of our downloadable installation and measuring guides.