The danger of blind cords

When in comes to decorating a child or babies bedroom safety needs to be at the forefront of your mind. One of the biggest hazards to a small child in the home is internal window blind cords or chains due to the risk of strangulation. In fact most accidental deaths involving blind cords happen in the bedroom and occur in children aged between 16 and 36 months old. It is therefore of paramount importance that you take steps to make sure your child’s bedroom is a safe haven for them to play and rest in.

The first thing to check before installing a blind into your child’s bedroom is that it complies with the BBSA's (British Blinds and Shutters Association) strict guidelines regarding child safety. This association takes a leading role in encouraging the highest possible standards of product service and safety. But with so much choice on the market it’s difficult to know which is the best window treatment to go for. 

Wooden Shutters in a Childs NurseryIn our opinion, Safe by Design is the best option for use in a child’s bedroom as these are cordless or the cords are concealed within the mechanism so out of view from prying eyes (and necks). Wooden Shutters are also a perfect choice for a baby’s bedroom as again there are no dangling cords to worry about. They are also fantastic at shutting out the light, which is perfect for a baby or small child who needs the dark to enable them to go to sleep at night. What's more, they are quick and easy to install at home yourself. Other blind options include in-built safety systems which feature a chain break, designed to separate under any undue pressure. Or you can purchase a separate safety device, which is designed to tie the cords away or conceal them.

Placement of the bedroom furniture is another thing to consider. Remember little people are mischievous creatures and love nothing more than to play with things that they shouldn’t or climb onto objects. So ensure that cots, beds, bookcase etc aren’t placed too close to the window.

This advice isn't just restricted to the bedroom, preventative measures should be taken throughout your home to help reduce the risk of accidents happening.